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6 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Furnace

On average, a furnace will typically last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. However, it doesn’t matter how well you care for it or if you schedule in your yearly servicing, at the end of the day when your furnace has run its course, there’s nothing further to do but have a new one installed.

Being in the Halton/GTA area, we all know that your furnace is crucial during the winter months. So you want to be well prepared for when it goes so that you can quickly have a new one installed, up and running, keeping your loved ones safe and warm. 

We also understand that no one loves the unexpected cost of their furnace going, which is why we’re giving you our 6 tell-tale signs that it’s time to prepare for a new one.

Your Furnace is 15 Years or Older

The age of your furnace will give you a good indicator as to how many more years left you have with it. This is why we tell any new homeowners or those who are looking to purchase a home, to ask how old the furnace is, so you can be prepared.

If your furnace is currently at the 15-year-old mark, then time may be ticking. While some furnaces are able to last up to 20 years, most will go before then.

Your Furnace is Noisy

Now don’t be fooled, furnaces will make noise, however, they are not in fact loud or noisy. If you notice that your furnace has started making weird noises such as bumping, screeching, or clicking sounds, it is a clear indicator that something is not right.

If the noise is paired with additional soot found around the furnace, it’s a clear sign that your HVAC system is on its last legs.

There Has Been an Increase in Energy Bills

Have your energy bills increased for no apparent reason? This may be connected to your furnace working inefficiently. As furnaces start to go, it takes more and more energy for them to produce heat within your home. If you’re starting to notice an uptick in your bills, it may be time to get your furnace either repaired or replaced.

Your Home Feels Cold

As your heating system gets older, it becomes inefficient. In addition to increasing your energy bills, it also may start to heat your home unevenly as well. If you have the heat on and are still feeling cold within your home, or if you notice that one room is hotter or colder than the others, it may be a sign that your furnace needs to be looked at. 

We recommend first checking that there are no drafts or cracks in your windows or ducts. If no leaks are found, then it’s time to call your HVAC technician.

Your Furnace Needs Constant Repair or Servicing

Feel like you are constantly calling your HVAC technician? Seems as though your furnace is always breaking down? Then it’s probably time for a new one. A typical furnace can easily go an entire year with only one servicing appointment. So if you find that your heating system requires a lot more attention, then it may be worthwhile having it replaced. 

Your Home Seems Dusty

Is the area around your furnace really dusty? This happens when a furnace is unable to trap the airborne particles from the warm air, and so dust spills out and into your home. The first thing you’ll want to do when you notice additional dust is check your air filters. If you’ve been replacing them every few months and the filter appears to be clean, then there surely is an issue with the furnace system and you’ll want to get it checked out.

As mentioned before, if you notice any soot around the furnace area too, you’ll definitely want to call your HVAC technician. These are both obvious signs that something is wrong.

Benefits of a New Furnace

There’s no doubt about it, replacing your furnace is a costly investment. Depending on the make and the model, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $6,500. While this is less than ideal, there are some benefits to having your furnace replaced:

1. Increased efficiency: Your new furnace will work a lot better, helping to heat your home in a more efficient manner. This means lower energy bills, helping to save you money month after month moving forward.

2. Increased home comfort: You’ll notice that the efficiency of your furnace also helps to heat your home evenly. This provides an increase in comfort and warmth within your home.

3. Increased resale value: Getting ready to sell your home? Well, you’re in luck! Having your furnace recently replaced is a huge selling point and can also increase the overall value of your home.

We understand that signs that your furnace is going can be quite troublesome. But with the right team in place, you can make sure that the replacement installment is easy, quick, and hassle-free. Our team works to provide transparent quotes and pricing, right from the beginning, so that you can rest assured of knowing how much the process will cost and how long it will take.

If you have concerns about your furnace or are sure you need a replacement, be sure to contact us. We’ll happily send a technician over as soon as we can and if it’s an emergency, feel free to use our 24/7 emergency services. Keeping you and your loved ones comfortable and safe all winter long!

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