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Before thinking about AC installation, you need to know a few things. First, you should understand how the system works. An air conditioner comprises three main parts: an outdoor unit containing a compressor and condenser coil, a refrigerant-filled sealed expansion valve called an evaporator coil (evaporator), and indoor units containing fans and cooling coils.

The goal posts with regard to your AC installation are different depending on what type of unit you need:

  • Window-mounted units are cheap but must be installed outside
  • Ductless mini split systems can be put in any room without ductwork
  • Central air conditioning systems require ductwork plus routing through walls
  • Heat pump units can serve both heating and cooling functions but aren’t always efficient enough during cold months
  • Swamp coolers use evaporation rather than refrigeration to bring down the temperature

These are only some examples…



ac unit installation

Oakville AC Installation Experts

To determine what size system you need, you’ll have to calculate your energy usage during peak hours (usually the hottest time during summer). You’ll also need to know if it’s better for your home or apartment building if its electrician installs central air conditioning or window units in each room instead.

A good general guideline for calculating how a central system will require much power is 1 kW per square foot of living space cooled (typical house: 3kW). This figure assumes moderate temperatures with no shading from nearby structures and some level of insulation throughout all walls/ceilings, which are effective at blocking heat transfer away from those surfaces onto which they’re installed—in other words…

Multiply length x width x height, then divide by 100 = total watts needed per hour!

Preparing for AC Installation

Before you begin, you’ll want to ensure the area around your AC unit is clear of obstructions. Any trees or power lines near your house should be cleared at least 10 feet away from the unit so that no one can get injured if a branch falls on them.

To turn off electricity at the breaker panel:

  • Remove all jewelry and work gloves before touching anything electrical.
  • Ensure everyone in the house is out of harm’s way before turning off the power.
  • Pull out each circuit breaker until everything has been shut down and shown as “Off.”

Hire an HVAC Company You Can Trust

When hiring the right HVAC company in Oakville, you should ask for references. Get in touch with them and see how the company treats them. If they had a positive experience and are happy to recommend them to others, you can be sure that you’ve found a great company.

Ask for proof of insurance, licensing, and bonding as well. Ensure your HVAC contractor has at least general liability coverage before starting work on your home or business property. If anything goes wrong during the installation process (or any other time), you’ll have recourse through their policy against any damages or injuries caused by their actions or inaction (e.g., if someone gets hurt on your property because something went wrong during installation). For reliable, quality AC installation in Oakville or the surrounding area, call today at 905-678-7420.