The Ideal Setting for Your Air Conditioning Unit During the Summer Months – Precision HVAC Mechanics Inc. The Ideal Setting for Your Air Conditioning Unit During the Summer Months – Precision HVAC Mechanics Inc.
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The Ideal Setting for Your Air Conditioning Unit During the Summer Months

In warmer months, your air conditioner can be a blessing, saving you from the heat and humidity outside. But, if you’re not careful, you can end up using a lot of energy, which can send your bills sky high. If you’re wondering the ideal setting for your air conditioning unit during the summer months, we looked to the Households and Environments Survey to see how typical Canadian households use their A/C. Keep reading to find out about the average temperatures households are using across Canada and what you can do to keep your home cool during summer. 

At Home: Awake

Your home’s temperature all comes down to personal preference, but it’s recommended to keep your temperature at 26ºC when you’re at home. This will allow you to stay cool and avoid outrageously high energy bills. The Household and Environments Survey found that while awake at home:

  • 10% of Canadian homeowners turned off their A/C altogether. 
  • 22% set their temperature to 24ºC or higher. 
  • 44% kept the temperature between 20ºC and 23ºC.
  • 9% kept their temperature at 19ºC or lower. 

At Home: Asleep

The study also found that when people were at home and sleeping:

  • 29% of households turned off their A/C at night. 
  • 16% slept with their A/C at 24ºC or higher. 
  • One third prefered to sleep with the temperature set between 20-23ºC. 
  • Only 9% chose to keep their home at 19ºC or lower.

Tip: If the temperature drops at night where you live, consider raising the temperature and cracking the windows to let in a nice breeze. in. 

Away From Home

Turning off your A/C or setting it to a higher temperature when you’re not home is a great way to save energy and money. If you have a smart thermostat, you can adjust it while you’re away and set it to cool down before you get home. More than two-thirds of Canadian households adjusted the temperature in their homes while away by either shutting off the air conditioner completely or setting it to 24ºC or higher. However, almost 25% of households reported keeping their homes at lower temperatures when no one was home, which can run-up your energy bills. 

Other Things You Can Do to Stay Cool in Summer

  1. Close Your Blinds and Drapes

Your home can heat up significantly due to natural light coming in during the day. To help keep your home cool at the hottest times of day, close your blinds and drapes, especially on north and west-facing windows. If you find the sun is really harsh, consider investing in black-out blinds or curtains to shield you from the sun and keep your home cool.

  1. Use Fans

Ceiling fans or standing fans are a less expensive alternative to air conditioning that can help keep your house cool. They use less electricity and increase air circulation to cool down rooms in your house. Set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise in the summer to push air straight down and set the speed on high to create a wind chill breeze effect. Using fans will allow you to set your air conditioning at a higher temperature and still feel nice and cool.

Whether you’re an energy saver, the king or queen of comfort, or love your house ice cold, we can help. For more expert advice, tips and information on smart thermostats contact Precision HVAC Mechanics today.