How to Get Your HVAC System Ready for Winter – Precision HVAC Mechanics Inc. How to Get Your HVAC System Ready for Winter – Precision HVAC Mechanics Inc.
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It’s starting to get chilly. Cool mornings and evenings…winter is coming…whether we like it or not we must brace ourselves. The last thing you want is to discover that your heating system does not function. It’s always best to check well in advance and schedule the proper maintenance if need be. We will provide you with some tips which have been provided in conjunction by Trane.

1. Schedule a maintenance appointment every fall

This ensures your filters are changed, you have no leaks, and everything is in order. You can complete some DIY tasks yourself to check for things before a Precision HVAC Mechanic reaches your home. You can check if there is any leakage, weird sounds, or abnormal odors. This will allow you to tell the technician of any issues you may have noticed when they arrive.

2. Turn down the heat when you don’t need it

Ok this one may sound confusing, but we promise it isn’t! We’re basically implying the implementation of a smart thermostat. It’s key to energy savings during the wintertime. Having control of your thermostat from your mobile device allows you to control it even when you’re away. A Trane XL824 would be a recommended model for this solution.

It is recommended to set your thermostat to approximately 20 C when at home and lower it to about 14 C when you are not in your house. This should allow for approximately 10% of savings on your heating bill.

With the Trane XL824, it will automatically learn your preferences and optimize for optimal comfort. Can you imagine the simplicity? Being able to monitor from your mobile device, tablet, laptop, AT THE COTTAGE! Anywhere you are! You can also set up a maximum of 4 temperature schedules. Game changer.

3. Climate Zones – Balanced Cooling and Heating on all Floors

Do you live in a multi-story house? Do you often find that it is warmer upstairs and colder downstairs? Simply close a few vents on the top floor of your room in order to direct more air downwards on the lower levels.

You could also call one of our trained and certified mechanics to install a Trane ComfortLink II Zoning System which will automatically direct the air where its needed. Thus, ensuring comfort throughout. Thank you technology!

4. Test Your Furnace

It is a good idea to test your furnace 3 times a year before winter hits. This allows you to know if you need to call a mechanic to come and check your furnace. If it’s time for a replacement, consider the Trane S9X2 Gas Furnace, one of the most efficient furnaces in the market. It is classified as 1% airtight which means it meets even the most strict building codes.

5. Change your filter and clean your vents

This is important to do frequently.

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