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Precision HVAC Mechanics Inc. is an Oakville HVAC company that excels in providing the optimal home comfort and temperature control in our customers’ homes.

Whether you require HVAC repair, installation or any HVAC-related service, you can rely on our licensed and certified technicians to ensure your home is always comfortable, year-round!

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HVAC Company

We are one of Halton and Mississauga‘s most trusted and reputable HVAC companies, providing honest, unwavering, integrity-based, and transparent HVAC repair and installation services. That’s more than 25 years of providing HVAC services to our customers. We have built our HVAC company on a foundation of honest HVAC repair and other services to keep our customers’ homes as temperate as possible, regardless of what tumultuous seasonal fluctuations occur.

Ontario is home to some of the most inconsistent weather patterns, which can strain your HVAC or climate control systems. When you opt to go with our well-established HVAC company, you are choosing the absolute highest quality services with a proven track record. Rest assured that your HVAC repair, service, or installation is provided by technicians who are fully licensed, and insured and take extra precautions as your trusted HVAC company.


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Licensed & Insured for Your HVAC Needs

When you choose Precision HVAC Mechanics Inc. as your go-to HVAC company, you know that your service will be high quality. Not only are our technicians meticulously trained, but they are also certified by the Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA). The TSSA is overseen by a 13-member board of directors who are directly accountable to the Ontario Provincial government and the residents of Ontario.

In all the HVAC services that our company provides, we continually adhere to the values of the TSSA in order to remain eligible and remain one of the creditable HVAC companies in the Greater Toronto Area. These principles and values include:


Safety: Always conscious

Leadership: Through words and actions

Integrity: Through honest and ethical work standards

Respect: Earned through trustworthy standards, words and actions

Accountability: Deliver on all commitments

Communication: Clear, effective, and transparent communication

Collaboration: With our partners, suppliers and the client!

Over 25 Years of HVAC Service

In addition to rigorous training for our technicians and adherence to sound foundational principles, our team is certified by the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) which was founded in 1968. With the backing of this prestigious non-profit Canadian organization, you know that you’re working with a respectable HVAC company that operates on integrity and energy-conscious principles.

When you choose HVAC companies accredited by the HRAI, you are choosing a company that has proven credentials and a successful track record of quality HVAC service and reliability.